Indiana LLC Formation

The formation and registering of LLCs in Indiana is handled by the Indiana Secretary of State.Forming an Indiana Limited Liability Company for your business is an excellent decision. Your Indiana LLC can enjoy both the simplified pass through taxation of partnerships and the limited liability of a corporation.

If you neglect to incorporate your business, you can be held personally liable for business debts and lawsuits. Help protect your personal assets from lawsuits and judgments against your company by forming an Indiana LLC.

Indiana LLC Filing Fees & Annual Reports

As of February, 2006, November, 2014, the filing fee for an Indiana Limited Liability Company is $90.

Indiana requires both domestic and foreign LLCs to file biennial reports. These reports have a filing fee of $30, or $20 if filed online.

Indiana LLC Name Requirements

Your corporate name must end with the words Limited Liability Company or one of the following abbreviations: “LLC,” “L.L.C.,” “limited,” “ltd.,” “ltd”. Indiana also permits professional limited liability companies, which allows businesses that perform professional services to have limited liability status.

Member/Manager Information

  • Minimum Number – one or more
  • Members/Managers- at least one is required to be listed in the Articles of Organization
  • Residence Requirements – none specified
  • Age Requirements – none specified

Foreign LLCs Operating in Indiana

Indiana law requires foreign Limited Liability Companies register for a Certificate of Authority to transact business in Indiana. The filing fee is the same as for domestic LLCs– $90.

Registered Agent

The registered agent may be an individual resident in this state or a domestic or foreign corporation authorized to transact business in Indiana, having a business office identical with such registered office. A company may not serve as its own registered agent.

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Indiana has no publication requirements.

Save $100s by forming an Indiana LLC yourself with these simple instructions.

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