I already have an LLC that I am running from a home-based office, with myself listed as the registered agent at the same address. Can I start a second business as an LLC and run it from the same address and home office and list myself as the registered agent at my home address for the second LLC, in the same way, I did the first? Would this pose any problems?


Yes you can:

  1. Have the same person as the registered agent for many LLCs (and corporations, too).
  2. Have many LLCs (or businesses for that matter) can share the same registered office.

One caveat is that if you want to keep the liability protection separate for these multiple businesses, be sure that you treat them as separate entities. That means that they each have their own bank accounts (obviously), if one entity owns a piece of equipment, the other entity doesn’t use it without paying a rental charge, don’t mix money between the two (don’t deposit a check made out to LLC A into LLC B’s bank account, for example).

Another approach that is available in some states, is to register as a Series LLC which lets you structure multiple businesses under one LLC umbrella. The Series LLC is like a holding company with individual LLCs underneath it.  It’s most commonly used for real estate, but can house individual businesses as well.

It is not uncommon at all for many different companies to all use the same address as their registered agent address.

One notorious example is 1209 North Orange Street in Delaware. According to a New York Times article, there are more than 285,000 (yes, more than one quarter million!) companies “headquartered” at the nondescript, one story office building.

  285,000+ corporations and LLCs are headquartered at this single location in Delaware.

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