I have an LLC, we are starting to run low on funds as our LLC was established for our ghost hunting club. This was so we could legally accept funds for tours and the like. But our funds are just about depleted and we still have expenses related to web site and the like. As well as the tax preparation in January that will empty the rest of our funds.

Is there a law against us contributing our own personal funds into the LLC, we are a partnership LLC? So this is what we must do to keep things going. So, do we just fill out more membership shares related to the contribution? Or can we just deposit the funds right into the LLC?? Please help as we don’t want to go about this in the wrong way as we just formed our LLC. Thank you.

– Rob, New Jersey


There is no problem with contributing additional funds to your LLC. Simply deposit the money into the LLC’s bank account.

You can contribute the money either as a loan to the LLC, repayable to the member who contributed the funds, or as a capital contribution.

You do not have to issue additional membership interests for the capital contribution, nor transfer membership interests/units between members.

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