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Before forming an LLC in Maryland, a unique business name has to be found. See how to find if the LLC name you want is available to register.

The business corporation registry of the Maryland Secretary of State acts as the record center for all those corporate entities that are or were headquartered in the state. The registry holds filing and authorization information of every commercial enterprise that is incorporated in the state, whether it be a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Company, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership

The online business entity database is an important tool when forming an LLC as every LLC in the state must have a unique name. By using the database, you can save considerable time as LLC paperwork will be returned should a name be requested that is already registered.

Below, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide for you to available LLC names in Maryland.

Step 1. Visit the Maryland Business Express to begin the business entity search.

Step 2. Next you will enter the name of the LLC you want to register in the “Business Name” search field.

In this example we will search whether the LLC name “Muscle Men Movers” is available.

For this example, we can see that the name Muscle Men Movers is already a registered LLC and can’t be registered by anyone else.

We are able to get some detailed information about the LLC such as:

  • Department ID Number
  • Business Name
  • Principal Office
  • Maryland Resident Agent Information
  • Status
  • Good Standing
  • Business Type (Corporation, LLC, etc.  Also includes domestic or foreign entity)
  • Date of Formation

In addition, on this page the Certificate of Status can be ordered for a small fee.  Annual Report information and Personal Property Tax filings can be looked up as well.

If the name you searched for returns “The business name you entered was not found”, that name is likely available to register.

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