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Before forming an LLC in Utah, a unique name has to be found.  See how to find if the LLC name you want is available to register. 

To find what names are available, we can search the Business Service Division of the Utah Department of Commerce’s Business Corporation Registry Database. The registry records all the details like filing, authorization, status, type etc. of entities that are registered with the Department of Commerce. The type of entities that are registered with the Utah SOS and are recorded in the registry are as follows:

  • Sole Proprietorship (DBA)
  • Partnership (DBA)
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnership

Here, we present a detailed step-by-step guide of how to search the online database.

Step 1 – Visit the Department of Commerce website to go to the search page for finding the registered business entities in Utah. The search page looks like the screenshot below. Here you will enter the business name you would like to use in the “Business Name” field.

Step 2 – In this example, we are interested in registering the name “Taco Tuesday” for our new LLC. This name is already registered as shown in the image below:

Of particular interest is the “Status” line which here shows active. If the result is expired, the name may be available.

Looking at the full result, we can find information about the LLC including:

  • Entity name
  • Entity number
  • Business address
  • Utah Registered Agent information
  • Status (Active, inactive)
  • Status Description (Good Standing, Not in Good Standing)
  • Members / Board of Directors
  • NAICS (Business industry)

There are lesser used ways to search for a business entity in Utah including a search by entity number or executive name. For a search using executive name, a small fee will be charged.  This search can be handy if you want to find all of the businesses a person has a board position with.

Department of Commerce Contact Information

Heber M. Wells Building
160 E 300 S, 1st Floor
Salt Lake City Utah 84111

(801) 530-4849
[email protected]