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Before forming a new LLC in West Virginia, a unique business name has to be registered. The West Virginia Secretary of State registers business entities and also has a database to search for available names. In addition to registering LLC names, corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies, are in the same database. In addition to name registrations, the Business and Licensing division also handles trade name filings, certificates of existence, trademarks etc.

How to do a West Virginia Business Entity Search

The online registered business entity tool which is facilitated by the Secretary of State of West Virginia, lets you find information regarding any registered West Virginia entity

Search Available Names

Step 1 – Visit the West Virginia Secretary of State website to go to the search page for registered business entities in West Virginia. The search page will soon appear which looks similar to the screenshot below.

Step 2 – Most people will search by business name but you also have the ability to search by  registered agent or officer name. In this example we will search for the business name “Ninjas” in the Organization field.

There is a lot of information available to see who the owners of this business are. Some information includes:

  • Business Purpose
  • Charter County
  • Member-Manager or Manager-Managed
  • Designated Office Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Notice of Process Address
  • Principal Office Address
  • West Virginia Registered Agent
  • Names and Addresses of Members and Organizers

In addition, an Annual Report can be ordered.

If your result is “No results found” the name you want is likely available.

Search by Agent or Officer Name

If you want to search by the name of the Registered Agent or the name of an officer you can search with that information.  Searching by the officer name can be handy when you want to see all the businesses a person is involved with.

Secretary of State Contact Information

State Capitol Building
Charleston, WV 25305