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Reducing taxes and limiting personal liability are the two primary reasons for forming an LLC.

While incorporating cannot eliminate taxes (unless you make no money!), choosing the right entity can have a dramatic impact on the amount of tax you pay.

Know Your Entity

Choosing the right entity for your business can have huge tax implications. Even worse, switching entities after you’re business has started can cause huge tax headaches. The LLC has the great advantage of being “tax” neutral when changing corporate forms. Learn about the difference corporate forms and their tax implications before you commit.

Avoid the corporate double tax with an LLC.

Single member LLCs.

LLCs and S-corporations compared.

Learn the important differences between the S-corporation and the LLC, particularly the limitations of S-corps on the number of shareholders.

Understanding Self-Employment Tax for LLCs

Why You Pay Too Much In Taxes

There is no duty for a citizen to pay more in tax than their minimum legal obligation.

Are you using every deduction you’re entitled to?

Do you even know which deductions you’re entitled to?

Do you have a system for tracking your deductions and keeping your receipts?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you could be overpaying taxes by thousands.

Unrecorded deductions are the main reason for small businesses paying too much tax. Learn how to get your accounting in order and maximize your deductions.

Reduce your risk of a tax audit by 90% by incorporating

We found some intriguing results when comparing tax audit rates between individuals filing as Sole Proprietors on a Schedule C vs. LLC members filing a 1065 partnership return. Can you really reduce your chance of an audit by up to 90% simply by forming an LLC?

The truth about taking business tax deductions.

Have Your LLC Tax Questions Answered.

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