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Why you should use a registered agent.

One of the concerns many people have when operating a homebased business is that anyone has access to your home address. Many people worry that the “wrong types” will end up standing on their doorstep at 3am in the morning if their address is too publicly accessible.

Ownership of an LLC’s shares is not public information (depending on the state the llc is formed in), however, the registered agent of an LLC always is.

Every LLC must have a registered agent with a physical address within the state that the LLC is formed in. A P.O. box usually won’t suffice. A street address is required.

Many people, particularly single member LLCs, act as their own registered agent using their home address because it’s simple and costs nothing extra.

Anyone with an internet connection can go to the Secretary of State’s webpage for their state and search by company name.

Using an outside registered agent company means that you can keep your home address private from casual Internet searches of your LLC on a state website. While these services cost money (around $100 or so per year), it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the money.