I wish to be the registered agent to my llc company in Virginia.

What is the form do I need to fill in and submit to VA state corporation commission ?

Do I need to mail this to
Clerk of the State Corporation Commission
P.O. Box 1197
Richmond, Virginia 23218-1197



Assuming that you have already formed your Virginia LLC, you can request a change of registered agent form here:


If you have not formed your Virginia LLC yet, then you will name your registered agent on line 4 of your Articles of Organization, which you can download in .PDF format below:

Virginia Articles of Organization.

For those with LLC’s outside of Virginia, the same situation applies.

If you have not already filed your Articles of Organization, then that is where you will select your registered agent.

If you already have filed, most states have a form you can file to change/update your registered agent address.

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