Hi! we want to found an LLC from Europe.  Can we fill all the papers for founding ? How many papers we need to fill?  I know we need an agent. How big cost have we to estimate for the agent?

What is the total cost of founding LLC?  In operating our LLC,we keep all the invoices we give and receiving. Will we pay the tax by the balance of incoming and outgoing invoices?

Can we make our annual report ourselves?  thanks in advance your infos.

– Joseph, Europe


In terms of forming an LLC, the fact that you are a non-resident of the United States is not a problem.

This is not so with S-corporations, for example, where each shareholder must be a US resident or citizen.

As a foreign citizen forming an LLC in the US, I would suggest that you get help with the formation.

You are correct in knowing that you need a registered agent located in the state you’re forming your LLC in.

As far as taxation, you’ll need to talk to a tax advisor in your home country, as many countries permit you to offset taxes paid in one country against taxes owed in your home country. However, this depends on which countries you are talking about.

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