I would like to form a single member LLC. I teach bellydance and self defense, at park and recreation centers and at homes.. and want to create an LLC to insulate myself/my home from liability since my home and husband are not connected to my business. I would like to put all of my business entities under this one LLC, since all together all of my individual distributorships of products and teaching are not of high dollar amount and I would like to put all of this in one business.

How do I put all of my seperate entitites under this one LLC Umbrella. Do I rename my seperate entities one name..?
like…”blah blah blah self defense” “blah blah blah bellydance”

In total I take in $1200 to $6000. a year with all of my entitites and would like to continue to show my net profits on my joint tax return with my husband.

Thank You

– Sandra, Colorado


When you say you have difference business “entities”, do you mean that you have filed DBAs for these businesses? Have you incorporated any of them?

If not, then simply form your LLC, and operate all the businesses using that LLC.

To use a trade name for operating the businesses, you can file a DBA for your LLC for each business.

So, you could have “Weeks Enterprises, LLC” (I know, it’s not a very creative name…)

Then, you can have the LLC file a DBA for each of the sub-businesses — “Weeks Bellydancing” and “Weeks Self Defense”, and so on.

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