I have a question regarding Resident Agents and privacy.

I run a home based business and would like more privacy. If I were to hire a resident agent, do I use the resident agent address for other things, such as opening business bank accounts and applying for business credit cards or do I use my personal address? Or when I deal with customers or vendors that need to pay me and need my EIN number, am I supposed to use my resident agent address or my personal address?


The Resident Agent is for official business such as notices from the state, IRS, and lawsuits. It is also the address that will be publicly accessible to anyone on the internet through your state’s official website (usually the Secretary of State and the Corporations Division).

A registered agent is not a mail forwarding service (though some providers bundle mail forwarding with registered agent services together for your convenience).

When it comes to dealing with customers, to best protect your privacy, I would use a post office box or a private mailbox and/or mail forwarding service.

So, you would have your business address as a PO Box (all your bank statements, bills, payments from customers would be directed there–if you get a lot of mail that requires a street address, look into private mailbox services that provide street addresses), and use a registered agent service for your registered agent.

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