I heard that along with obtaining your EIN for federal you are also supposed to apply for a state filing number.

It would make since considering you pay state and federal taxes when you work for your employer, but I haven’t heard how you would go about doing this or if this is true.

I just thought that you automatically received a state number when you register your LLC. Do I have to apply for a state number and if so how do I go about this?

– Missouri


There is no state equivalent to your limited liability company’s EIN (employer identification number).

Just like you file your personal state taxes using your social security number, your LLC’s state taxes (which are passed through to you anyway), use your federal EIN.

You might be thinking of a state sales tax number. As the name implies, this is for sales tax, not income tax. Each state has a different procedure for applying for sales tax ids for resellers.

If you are purchasing products for resale, then your suppliers will probably ask for a state sales tax resale number. This allows them to sell products to you at wholesale without charging you sales tax.

For businesses that do not sell sales-taxable items (such as most services), you do not need a state sales tax ID.

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