I’m leaning towards creating an LLC and was wondering if I need to use my home address as the LLCs address or can I use a different address like a PO Box from a UPS Store?

Also I plan on naming my LLC different from my 3 websites. I want them to be covered under my LLC, so would I need to file “Doing Business As” – DBAs for each website? And is that done at the secretary of state?

Also since I will be the owner, single member is it necessary to get an EIN? or can I just use my Social Security Number?

– Joe, Michigan


1. You can use your home address for your LLC’s business address and registered agent address. Understand that the registered agent address is public knowledge. This may or may not be a concern to use. Using an outside service will give you more privacy, but it costs more money.

You cannot use a PO Box as a registered agent address.

2. You don’t need a DBA for each domain name. Make sure that the LLC is listed as the owner of the site, that the LLC pays for the hosting, etc., and that the LLC registers for copyright for the site. In other words, you want it to be clear that the LLC is owner of all the sites. That includes having the LLC open an Adsense account in its own name (if you use Adsense); any affiliate accounts in its own name, Paypal accounts and so on.

3. A separate EIN is a good idea even for single member LLCs, even if not necessarily required because you don’t have employees.

There is no cost to obtain an EIN if you do it yourself by filing a Form SS-4 (you can even fax it or do it over the phone). You’ll be using your EIN to apply for wholesale accounts, paypal, bank accounts, affiliate accounts, etc., and using the EIN instead of your Social Security name gives you a little more privacy.

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