Yes, you can form an LLC without an attorney – and we’ll show you how!

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a terrific choice for a business entity, providing personal asset protection, tax savings and ease of operation.  

The main benefit of an LLC is the protection to your personal assets from business losses and judgments –  just like a traditional C-corporation, but also provides the advantageous pass-through taxation of a partnership. Forming an LLC is the simplest way to protect your assets, lower taxes, and gain access to business credit. 

Forming a business entity isn’t as complicated and provides the information and resources to help you form one on your own.  Get started with our resources below to begin forming your LLC and getting your business started!


Why Choose an LLC?

What makes the LLC a great entity for most businesses?

Learn How to Form a LLC!

Step-by-step directions show how to form a LLC in each state.

S Corporations & LLCs Compared

Learn the difference between S Corporations and LLCs.

Is your LLC Name Available?

Each state requires LLCs to have a unique name. Check to see if yours is available.

Register an EIN 

Registering an EIN takes under 5 minutes and is free through the IRS. 

Common LLC Questions

Answers to common questions about LLCs