You can form an llc without an attorney
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The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the most flexible entities for your business. You can protect your personal assets from business losses and judgments just like a traditional C-corporation, with the pass-through taxation of a partnership. Forming an LLC is the simplest way to protect your assets, lower taxes, and gain access to business credit.

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68%Small businesses bear 68 percent of business tort liability costs, but take in only 25 percent of business revenue.

Top 10 Reader Submitted LLC Questions Answered

What state would be the best to form a single member LLC? Read the Answer

How does an LLC protect me from lawsuits? Read the Answer

If I have been working a business by myself, can I form an LLC and have my business protected in case of a divorce? Read the Answer

Using your home address for your LLC address, won’t that be a bit confusing in terms of your personal bills, utilities, even to your mail carrier, etc? Won’t that seem as if you’re already commingling your business with your personal life?

Secondly, could you further explain what is looked at as commingling your business funds with your personal funds. You stated you can pay yourself everyday from your LLC, how is that not viewed as commingling? Where is the line drawn? Read the Answer

My LLC is a single member LLC- 100% ownership is mine. I would like to transfer complete ownership to someone else (relative). Can I just make a transfer document and do it or do I have to redraft the operating agreement? Read the Answer

We began a start up company in 2008 as an llc, we are just getting started and our production is not even running yet. We have made no income from our business yet, but we have put money into all the equipment and supplies etc. Do we need to file taxes? Read the Answer

What document do I use to legally remove my name from an LLC and its liabilities? Read the Answer

What is the difference between a managing member and a manager in terms of authority and taxation? Also what is the maximum number of managers/managing members can a LLC have?Can the managing member/manager reside outside the US? Read the Answer

What document do I use to legally remove my name from an LLC and its liabilities? Read the Answer

What is the difference between owner’s draws and guaranteed payments? I take a draw each month based on the net profit in the LLC for the month so the amount varies month-to-month. How is this treated in the LLC and are the owner’s draws considered income to me? If so, do I have to pay income taxes on the owner’s draws? If they don’t show as part of my income and are not taxable, can I show them as income to a mortgage co. for the purpose of refinancing? Read the Answer

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Online LLC Formation Companies Reviewed

Using a lawyer to form your LLC is a very expensive proposition. Instead, you can do much of the work yourself and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Or, you can use a trusted online incorporation company to form your Limited Liability Company at a fraction of the cost of an attorney…..

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