Can a non-us person be a member of an LLC?

– David, Florida


Yes. Unlike S-corporations, LLCs can have non-US citizens as members. If you wish to have your LLC taxed as an S-corporation, then obviously, no non-US members are allowed (and the LLC must follow the other S-corporation requirements as well).

In fact, pretty much any entity can be a member of an LLC, including:

  1. A US citizen.
  2. Non-US citizen.
  3. An LLC.
  4. A corporation.
  5. A trust.
  6. A partnership.

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Foreign LLCs can be members of another LLC. Unlike, for example, S-corporations, there are no restrictions on the type of entity the member of an LLC can be.

Any of the following can be a member of an LLC: individuals (both US citizen and non-US citizens), trusts, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, limited partnerships.

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