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The cost to form an LLC varies by state and may include the state formation fee, name reservation fee, processing fee and publication fee in addition to ongoing annual fees.

See below for the cost of formation and links to see how you can form your LLC without an attorney!

StateFiling FeeRecurring Fees
Alabama$150 minimum (varies by county)
LLC Registration, Probate Judge, and name filing.
$100 Annual Privilege Tax – minimum
Alaska$250$200 (every 2 years)
Arizona$50 (plus publishing costs)$0 (report due annually)
Arkansas$50$150 (annually)
California$70$800 – Franchise Tax (annually)
$20 – Statement of Information (annually)
Colorado$50$10 (annually)
Connecticut$120$20 (annually)
Delaware$90$300 Franchise Tax (annually)
Florida$125$138.75 (annually)
Georgia$100$50 (annually)
Hawaii$50$15 (annually)
Idaho$100$0 (report due annually)
Illinois$150$75 (annually)
Indiana$95 online, $100 by mail$20 (biennial report)
Iowa$50$60 (biennial report)
Kansas$160 online, $165 by mail$55 (annually)
Kentucky$40$15 (annually)
Louisiana$100$30 (annually)
Maine$175$85 (annually)
Maryland$100$300 (annually)
Massachusetts$500$500 (annually)
Michigan$50$25 (annually)
Minnesota$135$0 (report due annually)
Mississippi$50$0 (report due annually)
Missouri$50 (online), $105 (mail)$0
Montana$70$20 (annually)
Nebraska$105$10 (biennially)
Nevada$75, plus $150 for the initial list of officers$150 (annually)
New Hampshire$100$100 (annually)
New Jersey$125$50 (annually)
New Mexico$50$0
New York$200 (plus publishing costs)$9 (biennially)
North Carolina$125$200 (annually)
North Dakota$135$50 (annually)
Oklahoma$100$25 (annually)
Oregon$100$100 (annually)
Rhode Island$150$50 (annually)
South Carolina$110$0
South Dakota$150$50 (annually)
Tennessee$300 (minimum)$300 (minimum)
Texas$300$0 report
Franchise Tax
Vermont$125$35 (annually)
Virginia$100$50 (annually)
Washington$200$60 (annually)
West Virginia$100$25 (annually)
Wisconsin$130 (online), $170 (mail)$25 (annually)
Wyoming$100 (mail), $102 (online)$50 (annually)