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The LLC Organizer can be an individual or entity that files the Articles of Organization on behalf of an LLC.  The organizer may be different from a member in that a member of the LLC has ownership of the Limited Liability Company while the initial organizer facilitates the LLC’s formation.  

Why is an organizer necessary?

Each state requires an organizer to set up the business entity which entails being the initial point of contact and submitting the LLC formation documents. The organizer has no liability or responsibility to the LLC other than in their duty of fling of the documents.  Someone only operating as an organizer will not be named operating agreement of the LLC.

The organizer’s name and basic contact information are typically the only information included in the articles of organization if the Secretary of State has any issues with the information contained in the document, they will contact the organizer for clarification.

What is the difference between the articles of organization and the operating agreement?

The operating agreement is different than the formation documents and as they provide details on the management structure of the LLC, how profits are shared, responsibilities of members of the LLC, and the voting structure.  Since the role of the organizer ends after the LLC is formed, they won’t be included in the operating agreement unless a member is also the organizer.   

Who can act as an LLC organizer?

Other than an individual serving as the organizer is over 18 years of age, there are generally no restrictions of who the organizer can be. The organizer can be an LLC member, but this is not required.  The organizer can be a friend, registered agent, attorney, or other third party. that help you complete and file the formation documents.